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The Vortex Brewer – A Revolution in Creating Living, Organic Compost TeaVortex Brewer“Grow the Best Garden, Crops, Plants, Trees or Turf of Your Life!”

“The Vortex Brewer® is a Revolution in Creating
Living Organic, BioDynamic Compost Tea!”

“I have been into brewing compost tea for a long time… Your Vortex Brewer
is superior to all competitors”. – A.B. Eureka, CA


Water funnel The Vortex Brewer® is unlike any compost tea brewing system on the market.

There is no water pump involved in the circulation. The unit operates entirely by an influx of air. The Vortex Brewer® creates its own dynamic vortex flow of water.

Water naturally flows in a vortex, such as when a river meanders through the countryside, or a wave rolls onto the beach, or a spring rushes up from an underground aquifer, or a raindrop spirals as it falls to the earth. A whirlpool would be the most dramatic, visual example.

vortex-drawing_278x345All those natural processes create what is called “living water”. Water becomes alive when the vortex pulls into it the Earths subtle and powerful life energy forces.

We have all experienced living water at one time or another, such as when we drink from a fresh, bubbling creek, or bathe in a natural healing mineral spring, or dance in a spring rain shower, or stand in the ocean as the rolling waves crashed into our bodies.

We feel invigorated and alive. The same process works in the Vortex Brewer® .

By allowing water to flow in this naturally created vortex motion the Vortex Brewer® is able to enliven the vibrational energies manifest in our powerful, proprietary compost tea formulations…

This natural process is the backbone behind the concepts of living water, water memory, biodynamic agriculture and homeopathic medicine.

Creating Living Compost Tea!

Overhead view of VortexWith the Vortex Brewer® , “We don’t make a vortex, we allow it!”

The Vortex Brewer® offers an entirely new level of compost tea; you’ve never experienced anything like this in your garden or farm before…guaranteed!

The Vortex Brewer® is a revolution in compost tea brewing.

It is simple, yet extraordinarily profound. Crafted with food grade components, it can be used to create living compost tea solutions, as a mixing machine for hydroponic & gardening nutrient solutions, or even for re-vitalizing drinking water.

Vortex Brewer® Unique Features:
“A Revolution in Creating Living Compost Tea!”

  • A Complete Turnkey Compost Tea System Using Vortex Motion
  • Create Living Compost Tea, Enlivened Water, & Potentized Fertilizers Vortex Brewer
  • Based on BioDynamic, Homeopathic, & Subtle Energy Concepts
  • Works as an Extractor, Nutrient Mixer, & BioDynamic Flow Form
  • Much Higher Air Infusion & Dissolved Oxygen
  • 15, 30, 60, 85, 150, 250, 500, 800, 1000, up to 10,000 gallon units available

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“I’ve been gardening for many years now. I’ve used just about every brand of plant food available and never experienced such positive results as Ihave with Progress Earth’s Vortex Brewer Compost Tea.”- Tim Teall, WA
“Progressive Farms Vortex Brewer compost tea works outstanding. The growth and plants performance is unheard of. If you’re not growing using these nutrients you’re not growing the right way – period.”- D. H. California

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Compost Tea – The Miracle Fertilizer?

“How Compost Tea Can Help You Grow the Best
Garden, Crops, Plants, Tree & Turf of Your Life!”

And Why All Compost Teas are NOT Created Equal!

Compost-Tea-Report_192x250Forget What You Think You Know About Compost Tea – This report changes EVERYTHING!

In this ground breaking report, you will learn everything you need to know regarding why you absolutely have to use compost tea in any growing situation today.

Reading this will radically change your Understanding of Compost Tea and help you to see why Progress Earth Compost Tea made with our unique Vortex Brewer® system is the ultimate solution to everyone’s desire to get better results from their growing efforts.

Once you get the true perspective concerning The Soil Food Web and Compost Tea you will embrace the important truth that in its proper state, the soil is “alive”.

It’s amazing how many of us don’t realize this and so rather than nurture this life in the soil we try to kill it!

COMPOST-TEA-INFOGRAPHIC_4-2014_232x300The fact is that not all microbes are created equal and unless you have Biological Diversity and Microbe Strength, it will be impossible to get optimum results.

Are you a “Visual” learner? Check out the incredible Compost Tea InfoGraphic.

It is a great resource for driving home the point that not all compost teas are created equal.

Once you internalize even a tiny part of this information you will see why NOW is the time to put compost tea to work in your garden, farm or professional growing operation.

Once you start “Brewing” you will never consider Gardening, Farming or ANY kind of growing without it!

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